love is a beautiful thing but when it hurts it hurt like labour pain. love makes you feel like y are over the moon, being loved makes you want to grab the moon.

people come together for the sake of love and go apart also for the sake of love. when it hurts one feel like the end is come. like they say, love makes the world go round and i will add ‘‘ love can also make the world come to a stand still.

telling stories is what i do, stories of love, breakups, makeups, reconciliations, the joy and the pain of love and relationships. people get to tell their real life experiences because they needed some one to share their story. bearing their heart and feelings to me. some times i try to help by giving solutions. but sharing their stories( with their consents) gives them more joy, hearing the comments from others and knowing they have friends who feel their pain and share their happiness is what makes them strong.

some of these stories will make you cry, some will make you smile , while some will make you want to fall in love again. surely love is a beautiful thing.


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