sex between two adults( preferably married) is a wonderful thing. In marriage, sex is one of the key factors that keeps the fire burning and it gives room for intimacy, it is not surprising to know that sex can end a long quarrel between two married people. But,when an individual decides to satisfy his/her urge alone hmmm! Such individual will enjoy the moment but what happens after may take years of counseling  to correct.

When you are a habitual masturbator, you are in your own secret world of fantasy where only you reside, you shot the door against your partner and build walls around your sexual desires without knowing it. Your partner becomes a pass time to you cos he/ she will never satisfy your sexual fantasies no matter how much he/she tries. You become your,own sex mate cos nobody can do it to you the way you enjoy your own touch.

The consequence, resentment sets in. You will gradually start to resent and dread the touch of your partner, you no longer enjoy the union both of u share together, u just perform the duty but with no enthusiasm. If you allow this to go on, it will be so obvious that your partner will start noticing it, he/,she will at first think that they are not good enough and will try everything to make u come around, but like an unfaithful partner, nothing he/she does will ever satisfy u because a strange person has come inbetween the both of you in your sex bed and that strange person is you locked up in your world of fantasy. when their efforts fail, frustration sets in, they also will loose their enthusiasm for sex thereby gradually creating gaps and holes between the two of you.

Habitual masturbation can make u withdrawn from your partner, keeps you busy doing your thing in the toilet or bathroom, away from where you husband/wife will see u and when you are done, you are tired and will not want him/her taping you and demanding for sex.

MY ADVICE: no matter the fantasy you have on the type of wild and crazy thing you want to do while having sex, discuss it with your partner, communicate, guide his/ her hands to those parts of your body that actually makes you go gaga,if he/ she has not been doing it well, teach him/her with love, know what u want and make it know to your partner so as to avoid helping your self out and forming a habit of it.

If you are already a habitual masturbator and it is tearing your home apart(you no longer enjoy the touch of your partner and he/she is no longer finding it funny)  please, you can help your self alone, seek help, summon courage and tell your partner( I know it is not gonna be easy but it will make him/her feel a lot better to know that he/she is not a failure and is not the cause of your being cold in bed. Remember, problem shared is problem half solved, together both of you will break those walls around you and bring you out of that lonly world where only you exist.


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