world apart

Enjoying your young wife if you are much older than her can be a heavy task and may lead to frustration if not well handled. But here is what you should know:

Living with a partner that is way older than you may not be as fun as u think but can be rewarding if you put somethings perfectly in place.

Always remember that both of you are two different people from a very different world. While the man in his late forties will view like as a serious business that need no child’s play, his young wife of early twenties will always want a little flexing.( while the man enjoys “Osadebe” or Jim rivers from the oldies, the lady want to listen to beyonce or kirk Franklin.)  There may arise some conflicts of interest that may frustrate the both if not handled.

Here I recommend compromise, first the older partner should realize that his young wife is actually ‘young’ ( no matter how matured she may look psychologically and physically) and shouldn’t force her to be old all of a sudden. Have it in your mind that she will once in awhile exhibited childishness so prepare your mind.

The older partner should try being young sometimes ( probably he will come to love lt)

It will be disastrous to also treat her like a child that doesn’t know anything and don’t know her left from her right. Strike a balance, don’t push her too far dont force her to be suddenly old and don’t make her a kid ( for Christ sake she is not your 8 year old daughter!)

Admonish her in love, bring her closer to you( not your age) and take her,through you dream s, purpose and vision, she may not get it at first but don’t loose your patience and give up on her, with time she will understand and start following with ease.

Finally, modernise your self, baff up and make yourself cute and good looking (don’t dress like a man from 1836 in 2014) make her,proud to call you babe or,darling( what,ever she,chooses)

So guys, let us have a conversation here, add your contributions.



2 thoughts on “world apart

  1. O yea, quite a point! But the younger wife on her part should equaly try to bring her guy along with patient and understanding and respect. You see most of them will always find any opportunity to remind the guy how old he is, how out-dated his fashion sense and general opinion on issues are and all these could make the older guy so bitter and frustrated. But we can successfully strike a balance if we both bring each other along with patient, respect and understanding.

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