‘‘ hmmm…. ( where do i start from….ok, here we go)…..)
this is Sandra…


(beautiful isn’t she ?) a typical African beauty who was fortunate to graduate from college with the best of results and luckily got a job with Agip( an oil company in port Harcourt) she is 25 with a body that is the envy of every woman but unfortunately to the guys and colleagues, she is taken! ( in a relationship, though complicated) by HIM…


‘‘hmmmm….hope i got him right..” OK. Jackson is a basket ball player based in lagos, with lots of busy schedules and his team members to spend time with,(u know how it is when you are a celebrity) though he has a lot of cash to through around and to make Sandra’s life comfortable, calls once he is free ( which in not always) but that is not what a girl need ( u know like security, being there for her,providing a shoulder to cry on when she has the need,bla.. bla…blaa….) so most times she is lonely and in need of a guy to hang out with so she got close to this guy ( real close…)


johnbosco is a normal guy, hard working, smart, reserved in fact  the perfect picture of a good guy. johnbosco is a colleague to Sandra, they are in the same department in the office (public relations) fortunately, both stay in the same neighborhood and obviously both went  to work and came back together. it wasn’t long before both became besties….(NORMALLL…) the truth was, Sandra found everything she was missing in Jackson all in Johnbosco, she was so comfortable with him to the point of sharing her relationship issues with him, how lonely she was, how she crave for a perfect guy like him;
‘‘i wish i have met you before now, you are the perfect guy i have always wanted, do you know he beats me when ever i visit him ? he abuses, i mean nothing  to him, he is never there for me, oh… i wish i could leave him…” she will tell Johnbosco.
‘‘ then why don’t you leave him ?” john would always ask
‘‘oh, i cant, am scare i may not get some one to start a new relationship with”
‘‘ you know i am always here for you” John would answer.
poor John, he never knew he was just a temporary fence to hang on, hoping that Sandra would love him and soonest she would set things right by calling it quit with her basket ball player of a boyfriend and love him properly (awww… what a dream). he took her to the saloon, went to the market for her when she doesn’t feel like doing it herself (which was like always) loan her money when she ran out of cash ( which she doesnt pay back often) stayed over at her appartment after  work to finish her unfinished work in the system while she slept for she was always tired after the day’s work ( so sweeeeeet….. such a nice guy)

poor John, when he though everything is working his way ane that he has succeeded in making Sandra love him with his niceness and good deeds but he had another thing coming. surely, Sandra was enjoying the whole attention, nice deeds, pampering, caring and love gestures and John was over the moon for he was finally going out with a hot babe (or so he thought)
then the story took a new turn ( dam… dam….dam…….#suspense movie soundtrack# ) Sandra suddenly stopped waiting for him before and after work, avoided him in the office, stopped moving with him and refused talking to him or picking his calls. Worried at the new twist, John decided to pay her a visit one Sunday at her apartment, he could hear sounds of laughter and murmur of two persons that are lost in one another, when he touched the door in attempt to knock, the door cracked open and he let himself in, there he saw them, HIS OWN SANDRA!!! with a guy cuddling and didn’t even notice he was there. he cleared his throat to announce his presence and they reluctantly looked up at him;
‘‘who are you ?” the new guy asked
looking at Sandra for explanation, he was short of words and Sandra did the introduction sooooo well
‘‘Jackson meet my colleague in the office Johnbosco, Johnbosco meet Jackson MY MAN” (she was beaming with smiles like some one whose husband just came back from ECOMOG peace keeping )
Johnson was as speechless as a dumb fellow, to salvage the situation, Sandra stepped in again
‘‘John please, i will see you tomorrow at the office, you should have called me before coming, as you can see i am busy right now” 
and he left without a word, out of her house and out of her life. that was the end of a relationship that never happened. Sandra needed a winter coat and he willingly offered more than a coat. he felt so used, tricked and cheated.
‘‘ its not fair ” he mourned but life love itself is not fair for ‘‘NICE GUYS”
here he is;


mending his broken heart. poor John………..
what is your thought towards this situation ? lets have a conversation…….


10 thoughts on “WINTER COAT .

  1. Well, @ least Johnbosco now knws beta 4rm his experience with sandra! Its gud to be nice, & equally beta to communicate & be wise so as not to hurt urself emotionally!

  2. Johnbossco cud said he’s mind dan bn too nice to plz her,as for sandra she shd pray dat jackson dnt leave for anoda gal….dats wat celebz do..

  3. Well all I will say is that johnbosco should be patient. A better woman who loves him is coming his way. It is just an experience people who re truly inlove go tru, when the love they ve for the other partner is not valued. Though he is feeling used and dumbed it is part of life experience. But I assure him a better lady who will value his love is on his way. He should just avoid her so as not to be hurt when she comes with anoda strategy.

  4. My advise 2 johnbossco is him 2 hav patient and hav hope dat 1 day God wil bring a person dat wil luv him 4 whom he are, nt 4 what he are, dat he should nt bcos of her ad started treating orders girls like hw sendra treat him belive me every disappointment in ur life is a blessing, ad if u are good she must look 4 u 1 day ad u wil be no were 2 be found by den her lover must hav live her den she wil realized her mistake ad come back 2 u den u correct her by put ur action in practise ok.

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