It just refused to stop raining today and every where is so wet and cold. i woke up and decided to give myself a break from work and from the noises on the busy streets of port Harcourt.  i just want to spend some time with me, yes today it is going to be all me.

so i took my bath(like a queen) made myself a huge breakfast with a lot of cream( enough of dieting) after eating to my satisfaction i decided to do something that involves me this time and that is telling you a story of the craziest mistake i have loved.

it was on the night of the last Friday in June, like every other first Fridays, we always have vigil in the church (from 9pm to 2am) that particular Friday i decided i don’t want to go, after much persuation and my refusal, Mr right( my husband) decided to go alone with the instruction that i have to keep watch leave my phone on.

i tried all i could to stay awake, from reading to watching of movies but to no avail. finally i gave up at about some thing after 1 am( thinking i could grab 30 minutes sleep before my phone will ring) with my alarm set, i ended up opening my eyes at about 5 am. you could gaze what i did next.

before i ran to the gate behold my Mr right was inside the car outside the gate sleeping. i guess he has been there since 2:30 am. i taped at the window softly and he opened his eyes and smiled. i was actually waiting to see anger in his eyes or hear him voice out his disappointment but that turned out to be a memorable morning.

instead of  driving in,he decided to sentence me to few hours with him in the car outside the gate (if you know what i mean). that was a new experience for me and a mistake i will love to make over again ( though with the same punishment)

whats yours? share with me.

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