Not for singles.


He closed his eyes as he scrubbed, humming the song. He must have lost himself in the words of the tune, because the next thing he felt were arms wrapped around his soapy body. He couldn’t open his eyes because of the soap on his face but he felt with his hands. The body that owned the arms was familiar.

It was me, my sexy revealing night dress was still on.
that day i decided to be naughty, to take the bull by the horns. after two full weeks of giving each other the silent treatment( because he insisted his decision over my traveling with the kids for vacation was final and i insisted i must have my way) i decided not to yield to his sexual advances so as to make him crave for it so much that he will agree to anything. but how wrong i was, my husband was ready to play the game with me (two can play the game). i waited for him to place the demand but he didn’t, tried seducing him secretly but he wasn’t noticing (or pretended not to notice) i was actually the one seriously in need of his touch.

that day i decided to get my groove with him back. i reached out and turned on the shower to let him wash his face. When he could see, he stood still looking at me for a while. i walked closer to him,  drew him into a tight embrace, then started working on his face. i kissed every part of his face, when i got to his lips, i allowed the kiss to linger, playing with his lips at first then pushed my tongue inside his mouth. i could sense the heat and the hardness in between his legs and that encouraged me to continue teasing and daring him to want more while i moved my hand to grab his balls. i left the lips and made my way towards the ear and whispered to him
‘‘ take me , here and now”
“Crazy, that’s what you are,” he whispered as he pulled my dress over her head.


i had nothing under the dress.
He felt my ample breasts bulge against his hairy chest and waves of pleasure washed over his body. He shuddered. ‘‘Only  you could make me feel this way” he whispered as he took up from where i stopped . He ran his hands gently down my back to the parting of my small buttocks and i moaned with pleasure. Deftly, he squeezed my buttocks with his right hand while his left hand pinched my erect nipples just the way i liked it. i closed her eyes and another hoarse moan escaped my throat.
“I dreamt of this in my sleeps. I missed you all through those nights,” i moaned into his ear. “I waited and waited. And I cried too.”
“I love you, baby and I missed you too,” he whispered as he slipped inside me and gave it to me with all the love and passion  in him.

Give it a shot and get the sex groove back on…you’ll be glad you did. have a healthy sexual relationship in your marriage

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