Loneliness takes the shine off the best of successes, which is why very successful people often live very sad and lonely lives.
In the public eye, they are living ‘the good life’ but in reality, they are loveless, sad and lonely. Some make do with paid romance, prostitutes and one-night-stands… but the emptiness remains.
if you are in that category, then you most certainly have to correct 4 things in your life:

Perfectionist? You’re looking for the perfect partner. While it is agreed that some people are totally obnoxious and hard to tolerate, you must realise that no one is perfect. You may need to stop skipping over from one woman/man to the other because of one flaw or the other. So try to stay with one person for a while and work it out.

Commitment Freak?  You want immediate commitment from your man/woman (and before sex or without spending money!). See, no one will throw his/her heart to you. You must earn commitment. If as a man you want to arm-twist commitment from a woman, I pity you. It takes patience (and some spending). For the women, you must realise that most modern men will never commit before sex. To make a man commit to you without sex, you must be ready to be VERY patient. No hurry!

Loner?  You don’t want to mix with people. Truth is, no matter how beautiful or handsome you are, no one will come into your bedroom to give you love. You must go out and mix with the kind of people you think you can date.

Workaholic? You think life is only about working and working.  If you only from home to office and back home, you’re gonna remain alone forever. Even if you meet someone, the fact that you don’t spend time with them will deny you of their love and you’ll soon be alone again.
Its time to make amends and get moving again!

What are your thoughts ? add yours….

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