why does it hurt so bad ?


‘‘ each day i watch you make the choices you make,
each day i cry for you.
each day i see you walk into the arms of those that care less about you,
yet you fake those smiles.

i kept wondering what your heart is thinking
i wonder why you are too blind to see
that to them you mean nothing but a plaything
which they can dispose of any time they want to move on to another.

the other day you came to me as a friend
( that has always been what i mean to you)
so excited you are, telling me you have finally seen the one
who will make your dream come true

i have always been the one cleaning your mess
i have always been the one shoulder that hold you
i have always bring you back to life and nurse you back to health
i have always been the one person to talk to
when they do it to you again

you have failed to see me beyond a friend
to look deep into my heart
to see the reason why i always want to clean you up
when you are messed beyond imagination

what do you want in a man? i silently asked myself
that you can not see that i can give you
what can they offer you? i wondered
that you are not worth more of

i have always trailed behind you
like a shadow waiting to be called to life
patiently offering you my ready hands
but you pick it to drop it at the next train station

awake awake oh my fair woman
let the scale fall of your eyes
i may not give you the whole world
but true love i offer you.

it hurts, yes it does
to wait for love when it seems far away
it hurt, yes it does
yet i await for your return    

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