is there any cure for a nagging wife ? trust me if there is, millions of men out there will stop at nothing to get one and whoever has such cure must be very rich by now.

now my next story was actually coined from a story shared by a very good friend of mine, Evangelist success. i gave it a little touch here and there and here it goes:


‘‘ i always hear my friend and colleague Barry, say he is rushing home to meet his wife and kids at home and i wonder, what could make a man that has the alternative of hanging out with friends at the club after the stress of work , always want to rush home to a woman, a wife!!

my name is bode and am in dare need of helping. my wife is about to nag me to death and i don’t know what to do. before you ask the question, the answer is yes! i saw the trace of her domineering and know it all attitude before we got married but i felt if i could be a good husband she in turn drop those attitudes but how wrong i was, guys, an in hell.

i cant really figure out how she turned out worse but i know she wasn’t this bad. i kept covering up for her attitude and was doing everything to make her happy. i give her every answer she needs concerning my way about, call her from the office when i will be working over time, introduces my friends and family to her, minimize the number of relatives that visits my home yet she keep bringing out this venom as months turn to years.

unfortunately, we have not been blessed with our own kids. at first i thought it was frustration that is making her loose her tongue and lashes out on every body on little provocation and i tried not to remind her of our childlessness, i stopped my siblings from coming to my place so they will not remind her of our state.

but all my efforts are not paying off. she blames me for every thing that happens to her, i am to be blamed when her boss at work queries her, when she forgets anything at home, when her friends makes her angry when her food got burnt when the appliances in the house has fault and so on. she quarrels with everything even with her kitchen utensils.

my friends avoid coming to my house like leprosy and i keep praying that days will be prolonged so i wouldn’t go home after work in the evenings. seriously guys, my house is really about to come down because my wife is never tired of shouting at me or every other person. i spend my evenings visiting one friend or another after work so i wouldn’t go home on time for her nags.

guys, i need help before i loose it. help a brother in need”

ME: now let me ask this question again, is there any cure for a nagging woman. if there is please help my friend Bode.           

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