surprise package!!!


now this is going to be ridiculous. there are many stories of people cheating in relationships and marriages. maybe with an ex, an old friend, the maid of honor or with the best man, most times with new persons but with a toy ? that is so ridiculous. hey wait a minute, is there any good reason for a partner to choose toys as a means of sexual satisfaction ? this is our story for today:

‘‘ my name is nneka(real name withheld) married to uche for 12 years. throughout those year i had no reason to suspect him of infidelity, my friends envy me and always remind me how lucky i am to marry a man as dedicated and as devoted as uche.

our sex life has been okey, (though some time ago uche complained that i was not very active which i worked on myself and since then he had not complained) infact my marriage will be rated as one of the best because uche takes care of me like a queen and also takes care of his children without reservations.

on that faithful day, i came back earlier that usual( i am a midwife and i was on night shift but that day a colleague begged to take my place while i work her shift the next day since she will be traveling) only for me to come in the our matrimonial room and met my uche whacking( her language not mine) his head off with a sex toy made in a form of a sexy woman.

at first i though it was another woman in my bed but when i stood watching in shock (because i was so dumbfounded to move or say a word, he couldn’t even notice me for he was engrossed in the act, moarning with ecstasy like i ve never seen him do since we got married) i noticed my husband was actually having it with a plastic doll lady!

i finally got hold of myself and shouted his name severally before he jacked out of his ecstasy. he opened his mouth and close without a word, i saw guilt written all over him so i walked out of the house back to the hospital.

he apologised later when i came back, saying he didn’t want to cheat on me with another woman( what then do u call this if not cheating also) that was why he decided to go for this which was actually suggested to him by chuks his friend.

i have tried to get this off my mind and forgive him( he ve been begging for like a month now) but i feel so ashamed and embarrassed that a sex toy is better in bed than me. i just cant get it off my mind.

now i spoke with uche and this was what he said

‘‘ am so ashamed of this also, and that my wife discussed this with you makes me feel like a lesser man. but i did this because i love her so much(like seriously ?) i didn’t want to have an affair outside my home that was why i decided to get the safest alternative. i also didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her she wasn’t good in bed. i tried that before and i know she is putting more effort but …lets just say i wanted more. am so sorry for everything.”

ME: now friends, let us have a conversation here, if you found out that your partner is subordinating the sexual satisfaction meant for the both of u with a strange object ( what will you do).    

6 thoughts on “surprise package!!!

  1. Really,he’s motive was good tho’..if i knw i am the cause,no hard feelings,i will forgive nd make an adjustment..

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