waiting for you my love

i waited for you to come back home to me, to the arms that had once loved him and will always love him. i remembered the day you left without goodbyes. you couldn’t even come and look me in the face to say the word ‘‘it is over” only a letter brought to me by a little post man. saying you wouldn’t come back , that you had found some one new.

her   name is Bella you had written, she had the eyes of a gazelle, and the cent of flowers in the wild. you said she took your breath away with her laughter and she had you in her claws like a witch. she is so wild you said , and she does things to you that i couldn’t do.

i wondered what was wrong with you. how we leaved together for so long yet you didn’t tell me you needed  some thing more. you always told me how wonderful i was, how i was a symbol of what a wife should be, you never told me you wanted a wild woman that will soar with you and make you do crazy silly things. you never told me your heart wanted to explore some thing more, you never told me i was getting old fashioned.

i would  have changed for you, i would have become wild for you, i would have learnt what you wanted and practiced with you, it would have been fun for you to teach me your heart desires and turn me in to the temptress that you dreamt of.

i would have wore those cloths that reveals a lot just for you, i would have decorated my face with makeups from the west, with my lips so red that you wouldn’t fail to notice it. i would have painted my nails with foreign polish and hang them like the ancient Chinese royal women. believe me my love, i would have done better than you new country girl from the country side.

how are you now my husband ? how is she treating you ? the last i heard from you, you were drunk with her charms , and her cent intoxicates you like an opium. but i asked, did she take care of you ? did she cook your meals , wash your cloths polish your booths and bid you a nice day as you leave for work ?

i did all these things and more for you, i enjoyed doing them because i love you. do you think she will love you as i do ? do you think she will stick with you forever when she sees your faults and human nature ?

i await still my husband , i have become the lady you dreamed of , i know you will come back to me , the country girl will not stay long with you , and you will soon hear my heart calling. i know she will not satisfy you as i did( even in my old fashioned way) still at the window i stand, waiting for you to come back,looking out for you to walk into my arms.

i will rain your face with kisses, soak you in a hot bath and step inside with you, bathing you like a baby and allowing my naked  body tangle with yours, cleansing you of the memory of her and purging you of her scent.

come back soon my love , don’t keep me waiting for long.            

4 thoughts on “waiting for you my love

  1. Nice update….kinda of luvin it,…d man has to b patient wif d wife to get wat the wife. Hasn’t him in tyme past.

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