‘‘ hey…..” he said, pausing a few steps away from her.‘‘ are you okey? ”
‘‘couldn’t sleep,” she replied, her voice sounding a little rough around the edges. she held up a cup of milk ‘‘thought a cup of warm milk might help, what of you? ”
though he couldn’t see Nike’s face so well but he knew she did been crying as recently as a few moment ago. their life together has been anything but wonderful, they have been tolerating each other and had been waiting eagerly for the baby to arrive so they can call it quit.

he remembered the day she showed up at his door step with the most unpleasant news he had ever heard for years. ‘‘ am pregnant for you ” she had said on a shaky voice. it was such a hard pill to swallow for him knowing the implication of what she had said.

how could he be so stupid not to walk away from her the moment he had the chance that faithful day. it was his brothers engagement party and she was there. not really invited but came to witness as an ex ( she dated his brother for few years before his brother travelled and came back with a hotter lady leaving her broken.) that night he was full of pity for her and wanted to comfort her when she bursted into tears on his shoulder. what he didn’t know was that you don’t hold a pretty lady when drunk and light headed.

he regretted every thing that happened that night, seeing her crying that night , he realised how stupid he was, no amount of sorry was able to make her stop and understand that what happened was a mistake . so when she showed up at his door that early morning, he knew that karma had caught up with him.

he agreed to take responsibility by getting married to her and save both of them the shame. the problem both had was that he was already in a relationship and she doesn’t seem to like him that much to be his wife of convenience. so they decided to carry on with the marriage rights, avoiding the court and the church so they can easily go their separate ways after the baby with the excuse of incompatibility.

those last months of her staying with him with the pregnancy had made him see her in a different way, she was in pain, emotionally and physically but she was also strong. though they were still not free with each other but they have done things together for the baby ( shop and get things ready for the baby ) they have come to be friends and he had come to learn more of her pains which she tried so hard to hide amidst those smiles.

he was there when she had her first contractions, and held the little baby in his hands the day she came to life. that experience changed his life forever and from that day he became more convinced he wouldn’t want her to go away.
‘‘couldn’t sleep either. i thought reading might just be the antidote ”
Nike shifted in the chair, moving to stand up. she swayed a bit and instantly he reached out to steady her.
‘‘oh,sorry…” she gazed up at him for a long moment , then added, ‘‘ i didn’t mean to….”
he looked back at her as her voice trailed away. he was now close enough to see the anguish in her eyes, still damp with the tears she did shed.
‘‘its okey,I’ve got you, ” he murmured , moving his hands up her arms to her shoulders, then around to her back in the beginning of an embrace that drew her close still.

he was surprised she didn’t pull away like before, bur lean against him instead with a soft and weary sounding sigh.
‘‘no…i wasn’t really talking about being clumsy, even though i’m sorry about that too. i mean to say that i didn’t mean to be so cold to you , so withdrawn those last few months we were together. these few weeks of shopping together and helping each other had actually made me realize what i will be missing when am gone out of your life. i was a jeck  not to realise the sacrifices you made for us and …and …how i have come to like you… a lot” she swallowed hard
‘‘we were both consumed with ourselves back then so there is no need to apologise for i was also guilty” he acknowledge, smoothing a hand over the soft tangle of her hair. he wished she meant what she said about liking him a lot.  ‘‘ i just wanted you to be happy, and i still want you to be happy, if it is still going to be possible with me.
she took a step back and met his gaze ( does he mean what she just heard ?) she tentatively reached out to touch a hand to his cheek.‘‘ i know you wanted my happiness Fumi, but i don’t think   i can have that now with out you in my life” she searched his eyes seeking for confirmation.
‘‘Are you saying…” he couldn’t  finish because he was short of words, he was so overwhelmed that he wanted to be sure he was right in his thinking.
‘‘yes Fumi.. i will stay with you as long as you want me to, i may be a little ashamed to say this but, i love you. i never knew this could be possible, that one can actually come to love some one so much whom she  never had feelings for. please don’t ask me to go” she held him so close, with plea in her eyes.

the longing in his wife’s eyes sparked anew the longing that had never quite stopped smoldering in his loins since she moved in with him (which he had been controlling so he doesn’t complicate the issue. knowing their marriage of convenience is for some time)  before he could stop himself he bent his head and claim her mouth in a kiss meant to convey all the desire for her that he did force himself to ignore for the past 8 months.

he sensed her responds and deepened the kiss, taking as much as giving, savouring the sensation and the magic of the moment. she melted against him with equal fervency and responds he craved for.

not until he was desperate to draw a breath did he finally ease away from her, though still keeping her close in a firm embrace.
‘‘jeez, Nike…”he muttered as he struggled  to regain some hold on his slipping composure. ‘‘ you must know that i have enjoyed these few months we spent together, and after we came back from the hospital, i always dread the day you will tell me you are leaving the house. i had always pray that day shouldn’t come  because i have grown so fund of you, i have come to love you. so let me ask again, Nike, will you and our daughter marry me again, this time for real ?”
she was gave out a sobbing sound, covered her mouth with her palm, with tears in her eyes
‘‘ yes…yes Fumi”
‘‘yes what?”
‘‘yes i will marry you again”.

that night, as he lay on the bed, after checking on their daughter and stroking the mother of his daughter and other children to come, he lay faced up, with air of satisfaction around him, because life has decided to favour him after all, he got a baby and a wife that loves him.

me: i will like to hear from you of what you feel about this story, do you think it was destiny that brought them ? share your though with us.     

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