my wife of 29 years told me am not the father of our son

i met him last Saturday in a friend’s house where according to my friend, he came to spend some time with them in other to cool his head and think.
‘‘i heard you write and publish people’s stories” he said to me, ‘‘yes sure i do,  do you have any love story you would want me to share ?” i asked him with a smile, ‘‘i wish it was a love story,but i hope it excites your readers”. so here is his story:

‘‘my name is chief  omenka, an igbo man and a civil engineer. money is not a problem and has never been as long as i remembered cos my father was a successful man before he died .  i met my wife when she was still at the university and i was already a practicing engineer. we were introduced by my little sister who was her flat mate. we started a good blissful relationship that later led to marriage in 1985. we had our first child in 1987 and he brought so much joy to us .it was as if he came with an open door, his birth brought lots of contracts and wealth to us. other followed few years later, two girls and another boy.

my first son was a star in school and his academic records were amazing to us. at the age of  17 he was already at the university studying geology. he graduated with one of the best results and immediately applied for  his masters in India.( i have forgotten the name of the school he mentioned.) at 23 he was done with his  studies and was already working over there.

last two weeks he called to say he was coming back home to celebrate my birthday with me ( i turned 49 last Tuesday )   we were all over whelmed with joy and every preparations were made to make the ceremony a grand one cos i also wanted to use that opportunity to celebrate my son’s success and showcase to the world the son i am so proud of.

i noticed that chika my wife suddenly started being jumpy and uneasy when ever i was around her or discoursing my son with her, she always wanted to change the topic. i saw it as nothing or the stress of organizing a huge party was getting to her.

my son came back and the house was in festivity. i thought  his presents would make my wife relaxed but it was as if his presents made her more uneasy that even the children thought she was sick and needed rest.

the party took off in full force on Sunday evening ( i wanted all my friends and associates to be present) there was more than enough to eat and drink and also to take home. i was busy introducing my son to almost every one present but my wife was sitting on a chair gazing like a ghost, at nothing in particular.

people brought so much gifts to me and my children gave me a granite portrait of myself. i wasn’t comfortable any more  with my wife’s attitude so i decided to take her inside and ask her what the problem was, why she was not happy with me today of all days.

after so much persuation, she started crying, i became more confused, i tried calming her down and succeeded after a while, that was when she broke the news to me that got me shattered. she told me amidst tears that Nwora wasn’t my son ( the first son he was proud of ) those word was at first not audible , i thought maybe i didn’t hear her well but she repeated what she said in a clearer voice ‘‘ nwora is not your biological son” i saw everything that made me a man crumbling before my eyes  and it was as if darkness was enveloping me. i prayed seriously that what i heard became a dream and i would wake up and found out it wasn’t real but unfortunately every thing was as real as the day .

after two days when i got hold of myself, i called her to know who is the father of the boy i had called son for the past 27 years. she hesitated a little and gave me the most shocking answer, Obi my friend ( he was my best man during my wedding) .i didn’t know whether i should be angry or sad. i kept to my cool and asked her how it happened.

she told me that it was one of those times i do travel a lot, my friend Obi and his wife was having serious marital issues. in other to stay away from his wife’s nags he always spend some time in my house before leaving to his house at night. so one of those days they were together alone at the sitting room and he was discoursing his family problem with my wife, one thing led to another and they found themselves making it out on the floor at the sitting room.

she said that both of them felt sorry and ashamed for what happened, when she found out she was pregnant , she knew i wasn’t responsible because i spent  one month on my that particular trip and she noticed the pregnancy a week before i came back. she couldn’t live with the guilt any more and when ever she sees the boy she feels she need to tell the truth and get it out of her chest.

she asked for forgiveness but i don’t know if i can do that or even  live with the boy knowing ( every time i look at him) that he is not mine. i decided to leave the house to spend time with this family so i can think of what to do “

me; so friends, what do you think ? what can you tell a broken man like this ? if this happens to you ( i pray it will not) what will you do ? share with us.   

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