when love found me


i walked in the gym as usual and noticed that my regular attendant was not evaluable, they said he relocated to Abuja in search of  greener pasture, but a young lady will be taking his place. that was okey by me i thought until i saw her smiling and walking towards me, i knew immediately that my life will no longer remain the same.

my name is kola, you can call me old for i can’t pass as a young man.i celebrated my 50th birthday last two months, was married for 15 years before i lost my wife some years back, it was as if she left with some part of me, i mourned her for years because she meant so much to me. to get over her death i buried what was remaining of  me to work and the children. i wasn’t a saint all these years, have had one or two ladies in my life that meant nothing to me but a means of excitement.

that faithful day I walked into the gym and set my eyes on Joyce, i knew she was different, that i was going to be seeing her for a long time. ‘‘hi, my name is joyce, i have hard a lot about you” she said extending her hand for a shake, i took her hand in mine still looking into her eyes, i saw something i have not seen in a long while and that smile, oh yes! that smile reminded me of my late wife. ‘‘ hello young lady, think you can put up with an old fellow like myself” i asked her with a smile. ‘‘ oh don’t worry about me , this is going to be one of the best as long as we do this together” . and so we started. i wanted to do everything to impress her, i did everything that will bring those smiles, it seems time was so jealous that it moved faster that it used to ( or so it seems)

when we finally bid ourselves good bye, i was already feeling like a high school boy that just got attracted to the hottest girl in school. i couldn’t wait for the next weekend to see her again. i dream about her, think about her and called her more than usual. after meeting up with her at the gym for more than a month, i realized i was in love.

then i also realize i needed to tell her how i feel about her but i was scare of spoiling the good moments we had and making her hate me for having such feeling towards her, i didn’t want her to think that i just want to have a taste of her cute body. i kept fantasizing about the day i will make my feeling known to her and how she will take it.

opportunity called one day, i called her to know whether she could have lunch with me, she politely turned me down that she already had plans for the rest of the rest of the day, ‘‘ maybe tomorrow ” she said. that was okey, so i cancelled going for lunch and ordered lunch in the office. she called me the next day for lunch and i quickly cancelled every other appointments and drove to pick her up. i enjoyed my time with her, i wasn’t interested  in the food but staying close to her gave me fulfilment. we talked about almost every thing and she seems to know a lot about life.

we started going out more often and all those while i noticed she wasn’t interested in my bank account ( unlike other ladies i have gone out with previously) she treated me like a baby and brought so much joy into my life that my children noticed the change in me. i had butterflies in my stomach, blushes when ever she tell me how good am looking, dress just for her approvals and always wanted her around.

during one of our many lunches, i asked her about her relationship which she said she broke up with the guy months ago. ‘‘ do you care for this old man enough to spend the rest of your life with him ?” i asked casually ( while praying she will say yes) . she looked at me with shock in her eyes (‘‘ i ve blown it” i said to my self) all of a sudden she started laughing. i asked her why she was laughing but she continued laughing that at a point i joined her in laughing ( maybe at my miserable self). finally she opened up to me.‘‘ marrying you is not a problem, i have come to care and cherish you , but the society is the problem and your children, what will they say? “. i promised her am going to talk to my children about it while she should think about it.

i could not believe the reactions i got from my children, i only called my daughter on phone ( she is married and is staying with her husband at Enugu) she was so happy to hear that i have found love again, before i could spell jack Robinson , my sons called me to give their blessings ( their sister called them to tell them about it ) one problem solved, i kept praying that joyce will come up with positive answer to me.

April 16 2014, i got the most precious birthday gift of my life ( thatcis after the death of my wife) my children organised a birthday party and joyce agreed to marry me. that day i felt like doing a tap dance. i know the society may frown at us because joyce is  27 while i am 50, some people may want to know what lady of 27 is doing with a man of 50 but we don’t really care , love pulled us together and we are going to make the best out of it.

me: when he was telling me this story, his face was flowing and it  seems like love has taken his age back to 40. i felth like sharing his story with you. what do you think ?             

2 thoughts on “when love found me

  1. For me,I wil marry d gal cos luv doesn’t go wif age or anyfin. In as mch my children has given me dere blessin,I ave no problem

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