kiss me one more night


he opened the door and found her standing outside all drenched with rain. her hair was wait and lapped at her skull down to her shoulder like a fine silk with some straying hair across her forehead.

‘‘ can i come in ?” she asked, jacking him out of his dreamland.
‘‘yes, sure” was his answer. she walked pass him in to the sitting room. with her body all wet, her curves were very visible, swinging her buttocks side by side, he couldn’t help but notice the rhythm of her backside cos with the help of nature ( the rain) her gown hold little or nothing back, as it clings to her body like a body suit.

‘‘ sorry i have to come to your door step at this time of the night, i was at the neighborhood when it started raining, i didn’t have an umbrella with me and i was almost catching a cold, so i had no option but to come here….but if you don’t want me, i can leav…”

‘‘oh no no.. you don’t need to go any where” he interrupted her( rubbing his sweaty palm on his head so he can get hold of himself cos he really think he might be blabbing and not making any sense if he is not careful) ‘‘ its okey with me that you are here.” he pursed  ‘‘ please go to the bathroom and change into something dry, you can make do with any or my old shirts. i hope you can still find your way around? “

‘‘ yes, that is if you have not change a lot of things.” she said with an appreciating smile. she climbed the stairs and he couldn’t help but look again at the movement of her backside. so lost he was that he didn’t know when she turned sharply towards his direction. he quickly withdrew his straying eyes, ‘‘ ehm… i will go and check if there is anything left in the kitchen” he said awkwardly before she  entered the guest room and close the door behind her.

that was not the first time was doing that since their separation. married for just 3 years, they noticed their incompatibility and felt they could not go on. she is a neat woman while he doesn’t care  whether his cloths are on the sitting room, his shoes at the kitchen, his briefcase at the dinning , his bathing towel lying carelessly on the floor of the room, and to make the matter worse, he presses the toothpaste from the middle.

she tried talking to him about this but he couldn’t just change, they kept having issues, most times heated arguments about it until they felt they needed space to sort themselves out. so they went their separate ways (at least for a while).  but she kept coming over the house for one reason or another. either to take a cloth she left behind, or to pick up a document that belongs to her firm. the last time she said she wanted to check up on him and he has always try to be civil and treat her like a friend without emotions attached. but today, it looks like she came to tempt him, after 5 months of separation, his hormones are actually responding to this attractive woman that was once his wife. how he wish he could just pretend she is not sexy and go on treating her like a friend.

‘‘ can i help with the coffee ?” she asked from the kitchen door. her voice was like a melody to his ears. he turned towards her and was gazing at her like that was the first time he set his eyes on her. she was putting on one of his old shirts, which was hanging loose on her body with nothing underneath ( he was sure cos her nipples were visible on the loosed shirt). ‘‘ ehm… hope what am putting on is okey with you ?” she asked him. ‘‘ ye..yes, never mind me, i ve not seen you with those for a long time ” he answered, swallowed and pretended to be busy with what ever he was doing. ‘‘ so can i help with the coffee?” she asked again. ‘‘ sure, just come over here and put on the coffee kettle ”  she walked towards the kitchen top where the coffee kettle is, he turned sharply, wanting to walk towards the refrigerator for eggs, the collided on each other, she almost fall , he was quick to hold her.

the stood looking at each other for a while, their breath faster than before, adrenaline rising high, he look at her lips, so soft and inviting, he wanted to draw back from her but the moment was magical, he looked at her eyes daring him to go on. her sent was intoxicating, her lips parted a little as if she wanted to say something, yet not a word came out of her mouth, the silence around them was obvious only the beating of their hearts was heard.

he bent his head a little, she closed her eyes as if she was dreaming, lips touch lips, she parted her lips wider, he was lost in the ocean of desire, as she gave her lips freely to him without holding back, he took what she offered like a hungry man in need of food . he drew her more close, his hands straying a little here and there. they were brought back from the world of ecstasy by the whistling of the coffee kettle.

‘‘we shouldn’t be doing this” he said ‘‘ we are supposed to be divorced” she replied. ‘‘ babe, we can still remarry, just move in with me lets stop this madness” ‘‘ let us eat” was all she said.

through out the night, she didn’t say any thing concerning what happened between then, but she too was considering his offer of remarrying him, she seriously was considering that.      

5 thoughts on “kiss me one more night

  1. why d pretence and delay by d lady after all they were once married and can still be.d truth is dat d attraction is still there and dats y she kept on coming back to him.

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