I heard one of the most pitiable story today and i feel like sharing it with you so you can make your comments on how you feel about this. so here it goes…

‘‘ his name is Christopher and works for a sole proprietor somewhere in town. he doesn’t earn much but he can pay his bills. he came to me 8 months ago full of happiness with his face radiating like a man that just got a new girl, and yes that was the case. a lady actually agreed to go on a date with him.

as months go by, he kept radiating because of  his new love. i was quite happy for him( cos he wasn’t a guy that has smiles on his list so who ever that brought out the smiles in him must be really special to him).

5 months later, he told me they have taking the relationship to another level and they are actually planning getting married ( a Nigerian woman will say ‘ah! abeg hit me for head and tell me say no be true’)(forgive my broken English) i felt it was too soon, i tried telling him my mind but he was wrapped up in ‘‘love” that he didn’t want to stay one more day without his lady by his side as his Mrs Christopher.  

they went on with the wedding arrangements. the venue paid for, the cards out with the date fixed for October, and their church and relatives getting ready for the big day.

and then thing  suddenly started going sour, the lady ( according to him) was becoming very demanding. at first he didn’t have any problem with that since he could still take care of her needs. until the demands started coming on a large scale and Christopher couldn’t cope with her new demands because it was eating deep onto his savings.

he tried to politely explain things to her but she became furious, told him that it is his responsibility to see to all her needs as a man. if there is going to be a marriage(if) he should prove that he can see to her needs.

trying to make her happy, he gave almost all he had, sacrificed a lot and even lost his dignity just to make her stay. knowing how close the wedding date is, he couldn’t bear the shame of disappointment from her. he kept on with her, hoping she understands and change.

meeting me today at an auditorium, with his face swollen and looking thinner than he was before, he broke the news to me. ‘‘ she called of the wedding” was all he could get himself to say. i saw how devastated he is, it was as if his life has come to a stand still. to think that he lost everything for a lady that cared little about him, not minding the shame this young man will go through before she called off the wedding without a blink.

seriously guys, i really don’t know what more to say to my friend Christopher. just that some where deep down, i feel that a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage. he should pull himself together and move on. summon courage and callback the cards that has already been sent.

a lesson to learn my people, this is a sure case of ‘ look before you leap “. please people i want to get your thoughts on this, let us advice our friend.            


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