cheating in relationships

yesterday i went around the neigbhorhood asking questions on what people think about cheating in relationships and here are some of the answers i got:

‘‘well, it is a normal thing every adult in arelationship should expect, once in a while a partner will stray in a relationship’’

‘‘hubands and wives cheat in marriages not to talk of some of us that have not tie the knot’’

‘‘people dont see it as any crime, it is one of the ups and downs in a relationship. infact whem one is caught cheating and he are she apologises, it makes the relationship sweeter’’ (hmmm)

‘‘ it is manly to cheat’’ (like seriously?)

Then come came my next question:

how do you handle cheating in your relationship ?

‘‘ jesus, i cant stand it, if  i notice my lady with anyother guy, that will be d end’’

‘‘madam abeg wetin person go do ,man scarce o o o, we go them like that’’

‘‘as long as he doesnt rob in on my face, i will just pretend i dont know cos men are naturally cheats’’ ( wow! that was strong)

‘‘ well, if she did it by mistake and apologises, i will forgive and let it be provided it doesnthappen again ’’ (how do you know whether it was a mistake)

there are reasons people cheat in relationships,

it might be to prove to there partners wrong on an issue, may be they are being belittled by their partners or treated like a scumbag and they want to prove that they can be admired by another , on the other hand crying secretly for their previous partner to notice them

in a relationship where love is lost, people can be frustrated in to seeking for love else where while holding on to the old relationship believing it may get better.

people can also cheat as a means of revenge on an already cheating partner ( do me i do you)

we just can not rule out material things as another reason why people cheat even when they have a good relationship going on. ( mostly ladies)  when the guy seems not to have much mony to throw around, some may find comfort( financially) in the arms of another man who becomes the money bag.

while to some, it is a game changing partners (while they have a serious partner) becomes  truphies they want to boast about.

Anyways, many have put up with cheating in relationships that it seem to become part of the relationship, it has become normal for partners to cheat and nothing is wrong with it. when it iw the guy, it becomes manly cos , as they say ‘‘ man is poligamous in nature’’. when it is a woman, the excuse will be that she lacks attention from her man ( though very few men puts up with cheating partners) .

i believe that two people planning to go in to a relationship should make their stand known to each other,the mistake we make most of the times is that we go into relationship bearing in mind that our partners will cheat and there is nothing we can do about it. but when we make our stand known, the rate of cheating may be reduced. surely , mistakes may happen, and if it happens that the partner involved realises and apologises, you have to forgive, but when it it done repeatedly, over and over again, i think you have to walk. when it is done cos a partner thinks he or she has the right to cheat, then you have to take a walk.

when a man or a woman chooses you out of thousands for a relationship, then it he/ she is ready to love and stay with you alone, but if he or she can not respect that, and go about with cheating repeatedly without feeling bad about it or changing, then walk away befor it is too late, before you marry the wrong person do not make the mistake of believing that a cheating partner will chenge after marriage, a cheating boyfriend/ girlfriend will definitly become a cheating husband/wife. it takes grace for a cheating partner to change.

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