we have always talk and sing of the strenght of a woman, most of the times having the picture of the big woman acupaying a large well decorated office( that was likely ment for a man) thecwoman that drive huge cars and works around the clock like a man, a woman

that chooses the sit of politics and has made her voice to be heard in the world, a woman that have arrived, that has made it and we all dream of identifying with.

but, there are other set of women that may be at the other side of the ladder, some times we pass them without noticing them, they are not loud, they seem subdued yet they are not weak, they simply deviced a means of speaking their minds without being loud.

THE STAY HOME MOTHERS. usually known as housewivesin some part of the world, who’s decision to to be a full time mother( 24/7 taking care of the house) isnt out of weakness or laziness, but out of sacrifice and love for that thing they hold dear ( the home) not that they they do not have cirtificates and degree , but choose to hold back on the outside jobs and hold on to  homes, investing and teaching, cleaning and dressing, not knowing the immidiate reward will be but still beliving that it is the best choice they made. to them i call strong.

THE SINGLE MOTHERS. It is a great stress to take care of the home but when it also comes with another packege ( playing the role of a father) that is where i say ‘hmmmmm’. it take a lot of stenght to keep a home, care for a child, pay the bills and still be you.

BREAD WINNERS. Am not talking about the career women that has made alot of cash (earns more than theis husbands)and have the support of their husband once in a while(though you are also great) am talking about tthat woman that fortune has left her man,she had the option of leaving the man but decides to stay and fight it out. even though the man goes out in the morning and comes back with nothing, chooses to try her hands in anything  nobble for the sake of love. i see them always, on the streets of port harcourt Nigeria, with trays balanced on their head and sometimes , babes on their back. their back ache, their mussles stretch to the imit,sweating every day under the hot sun, alittle this today alittle that the next day, situation has toughened them that they feel no pain any more except the pain of a straying child and an unloving husband. in their little, silent but obvious way, these people defind strenght to us.

BREAD WINNERS, Am not talking about career women who earns a lot of money (earns more than their husbands) but have d support of their husbands

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