waiting for you my love

i waited for you to come back home to me, to the arms that had once loved him and will always love him. i remembered the day you left without goodbyes. you couldn’t even come and look me in the face to say the word ‘‘it is over” only a letter brought to me by a little post man. saying you wouldn’t come back , that you had found some one new.

her   name is Bella you had written, she had the eyes of a gazelle, and the cent of flowers in the wild. you said she took your breath away with her laughter and she had you in her claws like a witch. she is so wild you said , and she does things to you that i couldn’t do.

i wondered what was wrong with you. how we leaved together for so long yet you didn’t tell me you needed  some thing more. you always told me how wonderful i was, how i was a symbol of what a wife should be, you never told me you wanted a wild woman that will soar with you and make you do crazy silly things. you never told me your heart wanted to explore some thing more, you never told me i was getting old fashioned.

i would  have changed for you, i would have become wild for you, i would have learnt what you wanted and practiced with you, it would have been fun for you to teach me your heart desires and turn me in to the temptress that you dreamt of.

i would have wore those cloths that reveals a lot just for you, i would have decorated my face with makeups from the west, with my lips so red that you wouldn’t fail to notice it. i would have painted my nails with foreign polish and hang them like the ancient Chinese royal women. believe me my love, i would have done better than you new country girl from the country side.

how are you now my husband ? how is she treating you ? the last i heard from you, you were drunk with her charms , and her cent intoxicates you like an opium. but i asked, did she take care of you ? did she cook your meals , wash your cloths polish your booths and bid you a nice day as you leave for work ?

i did all these things and more for you, i enjoyed doing them because i love you. do you think she will love you as i do ? do you think she will stick with you forever when she sees your faults and human nature ?

i await still my husband , i have become the lady you dreamed of , i know you will come back to me , the country girl will not stay long with you , and you will soon hear my heart calling. i know she will not satisfy you as i did( even in my old fashioned way) still at the window i stand, waiting for you to come back,looking out for you to walk into my arms.

i will rain your face with kisses, soak you in a hot bath and step inside with you, bathing you like a baby and allowing my naked  body tangle with yours, cleansing you of the memory of her and purging you of her scent.

come back soon my love , don’t keep me waiting for long.            


‘‘ hey…..” he said, pausing a few steps away from her.‘‘ are you okey? ”
‘‘couldn’t sleep,” she replied, her voice sounding a little rough around the edges. she held up a cup of milk ‘‘thought a cup of warm milk might help, what of you? ”
though he couldn’t see Nike’s face so well but he knew she did been crying as recently as a few moment ago. their life together has been anything but wonderful, they have been tolerating each other and had been waiting eagerly for the baby to arrive so they can call it quit.

he remembered the day she showed up at his door step with the most unpleasant news he had ever heard for years. ‘‘ am pregnant for you ” she had said on a shaky voice. it was such a hard pill to swallow for him knowing the implication of what she had said.

how could he be so stupid not to walk away from her the moment he had the chance that faithful day. it was his brothers engagement party and she was there. not really invited but came to witness as an ex ( she dated his brother for few years before his brother travelled and came back with a hotter lady leaving her broken.) that night he was full of pity for her and wanted to comfort her when she bursted into tears on his shoulder. what he didn’t know was that you don’t hold a pretty lady when drunk and light headed.

he regretted every thing that happened that night, seeing her crying that night , he realised how stupid he was, no amount of sorry was able to make her stop and understand that what happened was a mistake . so when she showed up at his door that early morning, he knew that karma had caught up with him.

he agreed to take responsibility by getting married to her and save both of them the shame. the problem both had was that he was already in a relationship and she doesn’t seem to like him that much to be his wife of convenience. so they decided to carry on with the marriage rights, avoiding the court and the church so they can easily go their separate ways after the baby with the excuse of incompatibility.

those last months of her staying with him with the pregnancy had made him see her in a different way, she was in pain, emotionally and physically but she was also strong. though they were still not free with each other but they have done things together for the baby ( shop and get things ready for the baby ) they have come to be friends and he had come to learn more of her pains which she tried so hard to hide amidst those smiles.

he was there when she had her first contractions, and held the little baby in his hands the day she came to life. that experience changed his life forever and from that day he became more convinced he wouldn’t want her to go away.
‘‘couldn’t sleep either. i thought reading might just be the antidote ”
Nike shifted in the chair, moving to stand up. she swayed a bit and instantly he reached out to steady her.
‘‘oh,sorry…” she gazed up at him for a long moment , then added, ‘‘ i didn’t mean to….”
he looked back at her as her voice trailed away. he was now close enough to see the anguish in her eyes, still damp with the tears she did shed.
‘‘its okey,I’ve got you, ” he murmured , moving his hands up her arms to her shoulders, then around to her back in the beginning of an embrace that drew her close still.

he was surprised she didn’t pull away like before, bur lean against him instead with a soft and weary sounding sigh.
‘‘no…i wasn’t really talking about being clumsy, even though i’m sorry about that too. i mean to say that i didn’t mean to be so cold to you , so withdrawn those last few months we were together. these few weeks of shopping together and helping each other had actually made me realize what i will be missing when am gone out of your life. i was a jeck  not to realise the sacrifices you made for us and …and …how i have come to like you… a lot” she swallowed hard
‘‘we were both consumed with ourselves back then so there is no need to apologise for i was also guilty” he acknowledge, smoothing a hand over the soft tangle of her hair. he wished she meant what she said about liking him a lot.  ‘‘ i just wanted you to be happy, and i still want you to be happy, if it is still going to be possible with me.
she took a step back and met his gaze ( does he mean what she just heard ?) she tentatively reached out to touch a hand to his cheek.‘‘ i know you wanted my happiness Fumi, but i don’t think   i can have that now with out you in my life” she searched his eyes seeking for confirmation.
‘‘Are you saying…” he couldn’t  finish because he was short of words, he was so overwhelmed that he wanted to be sure he was right in his thinking.
‘‘yes Fumi.. i will stay with you as long as you want me to, i may be a little ashamed to say this but, i love you. i never knew this could be possible, that one can actually come to love some one so much whom she  never had feelings for. please don’t ask me to go” she held him so close, with plea in her eyes.

the longing in his wife’s eyes sparked anew the longing that had never quite stopped smoldering in his loins since she moved in with him (which he had been controlling so he doesn’t complicate the issue. knowing their marriage of convenience is for some time)  before he could stop himself he bent his head and claim her mouth in a kiss meant to convey all the desire for her that he did force himself to ignore for the past 8 months.

he sensed her responds and deepened the kiss, taking as much as giving, savouring the sensation and the magic of the moment. she melted against him with equal fervency and responds he craved for.

not until he was desperate to draw a breath did he finally ease away from her, though still keeping her close in a firm embrace.
‘‘jeez, Nike…”he muttered as he struggled  to regain some hold on his slipping composure. ‘‘ you must know that i have enjoyed these few months we spent together, and after we came back from the hospital, i always dread the day you will tell me you are leaving the house. i had always pray that day shouldn’t come  because i have grown so fund of you, i have come to love you. so let me ask again, Nike, will you and our daughter marry me again, this time for real ?”
she was gave out a sobbing sound, covered her mouth with her palm, with tears in her eyes
‘‘ yes…yes Fumi”
‘‘yes what?”
‘‘yes i will marry you again”.

that night, as he lay on the bed, after checking on their daughter and stroking the mother of his daughter and other children to come, he lay faced up, with air of satisfaction around him, because life has decided to favour him after all, he got a baby and a wife that loves him.

me: i will like to hear from you of what you feel about this story, do you think it was destiny that brought them ? share your though with us.     

my wife of 29 years told me am not the father of our son

i met him last Saturday in a friend’s house where according to my friend, he came to spend some time with them in other to cool his head and think.
‘‘i heard you write and publish people’s stories” he said to me, ‘‘yes sure i do,  do you have any love story you would want me to share ?” i asked him with a smile, ‘‘i wish it was a love story,but i hope it excites your readers”. so here is his story:

‘‘my name is chief  omenka, an igbo man and a civil engineer. money is not a problem and has never been as long as i remembered cos my father was a successful man before he died .  i met my wife when she was still at the university and i was already a practicing engineer. we were introduced by my little sister who was her flat mate. we started a good blissful relationship that later led to marriage in 1985. we had our first child in 1987 and he brought so much joy to us .it was as if he came with an open door, his birth brought lots of contracts and wealth to us. other followed few years later, two girls and another boy.

my first son was a star in school and his academic records were amazing to us. at the age of  17 he was already at the university studying geology. he graduated with one of the best results and immediately applied for  his masters in India.( i have forgotten the name of the school he mentioned.) at 23 he was done with his  studies and was already working over there.

last two weeks he called to say he was coming back home to celebrate my birthday with me ( i turned 49 last Tuesday )   we were all over whelmed with joy and every preparations were made to make the ceremony a grand one cos i also wanted to use that opportunity to celebrate my son’s success and showcase to the world the son i am so proud of.

i noticed that chika my wife suddenly started being jumpy and uneasy when ever i was around her or discoursing my son with her, she always wanted to change the topic. i saw it as nothing or the stress of organizing a huge party was getting to her.

my son came back and the house was in festivity. i thought  his presents would make my wife relaxed but it was as if his presents made her more uneasy that even the children thought she was sick and needed rest.

the party took off in full force on Sunday evening ( i wanted all my friends and associates to be present) there was more than enough to eat and drink and also to take home. i was busy introducing my son to almost every one present but my wife was sitting on a chair gazing like a ghost, at nothing in particular.

people brought so much gifts to me and my children gave me a granite portrait of myself. i wasn’t comfortable any more  with my wife’s attitude so i decided to take her inside and ask her what the problem was, why she was not happy with me today of all days.

after so much persuation, she started crying, i became more confused, i tried calming her down and succeeded after a while, that was when she broke the news to me that got me shattered. she told me amidst tears that Nwora wasn’t my son ( the first son he was proud of ) those word was at first not audible , i thought maybe i didn’t hear her well but she repeated what she said in a clearer voice ‘‘ nwora is not your biological son” i saw everything that made me a man crumbling before my eyes  and it was as if darkness was enveloping me. i prayed seriously that what i heard became a dream and i would wake up and found out it wasn’t real but unfortunately every thing was as real as the day .

after two days when i got hold of myself, i called her to know who is the father of the boy i had called son for the past 27 years. she hesitated a little and gave me the most shocking answer, Obi my friend ( he was my best man during my wedding) .i didn’t know whether i should be angry or sad. i kept to my cool and asked her how it happened.

she told me that it was one of those times i do travel a lot, my friend Obi and his wife was having serious marital issues. in other to stay away from his wife’s nags he always spend some time in my house before leaving to his house at night. so one of those days they were together alone at the sitting room and he was discoursing his family problem with my wife, one thing led to another and they found themselves making it out on the floor at the sitting room.

she said that both of them felt sorry and ashamed for what happened, when she found out she was pregnant , she knew i wasn’t responsible because i spent  one month on my that particular trip and she noticed the pregnancy a week before i came back. she couldn’t live with the guilt any more and when ever she sees the boy she feels she need to tell the truth and get it out of her chest.

she asked for forgiveness but i don’t know if i can do that or even  live with the boy knowing ( every time i look at him) that he is not mine. i decided to leave the house to spend time with this family so i can think of what to do “

me; so friends, what do you think ? what can you tell a broken man like this ? if this happens to you ( i pray it will not) what will you do ? share with us.   

when love found me


i walked in the gym as usual and noticed that my regular attendant was not evaluable, they said he relocated to Abuja in search of  greener pasture, but a young lady will be taking his place. that was okey by me i thought until i saw her smiling and walking towards me, i knew immediately that my life will no longer remain the same.

my name is kola, you can call me old for i can’t pass as a young man.i celebrated my 50th birthday last two months, was married for 15 years before i lost my wife some years back, it was as if she left with some part of me, i mourned her for years because she meant so much to me. to get over her death i buried what was remaining of  me to work and the children. i wasn’t a saint all these years, have had one or two ladies in my life that meant nothing to me but a means of excitement.

that faithful day I walked into the gym and set my eyes on Joyce, i knew she was different, that i was going to be seeing her for a long time. ‘‘hi, my name is joyce, i have hard a lot about you” she said extending her hand for a shake, i took her hand in mine still looking into her eyes, i saw something i have not seen in a long while and that smile, oh yes! that smile reminded me of my late wife. ‘‘ hello young lady, think you can put up with an old fellow like myself” i asked her with a smile. ‘‘ oh don’t worry about me , this is going to be one of the best as long as we do this together” . and so we started. i wanted to do everything to impress her, i did everything that will bring those smiles, it seems time was so jealous that it moved faster that it used to ( or so it seems)

when we finally bid ourselves good bye, i was already feeling like a high school boy that just got attracted to the hottest girl in school. i couldn’t wait for the next weekend to see her again. i dream about her, think about her and called her more than usual. after meeting up with her at the gym for more than a month, i realized i was in love.

then i also realize i needed to tell her how i feel about her but i was scare of spoiling the good moments we had and making her hate me for having such feeling towards her, i didn’t want her to think that i just want to have a taste of her cute body. i kept fantasizing about the day i will make my feeling known to her and how she will take it.

opportunity called one day, i called her to know whether she could have lunch with me, she politely turned me down that she already had plans for the rest of the rest of the day, ‘‘ maybe tomorrow ” she said. that was okey, so i cancelled going for lunch and ordered lunch in the office. she called me the next day for lunch and i quickly cancelled every other appointments and drove to pick her up. i enjoyed my time with her, i wasn’t interested  in the food but staying close to her gave me fulfilment. we talked about almost every thing and she seems to know a lot about life.

we started going out more often and all those while i noticed she wasn’t interested in my bank account ( unlike other ladies i have gone out with previously) she treated me like a baby and brought so much joy into my life that my children noticed the change in me. i had butterflies in my stomach, blushes when ever she tell me how good am looking, dress just for her approvals and always wanted her around.

during one of our many lunches, i asked her about her relationship which she said she broke up with the guy months ago. ‘‘ do you care for this old man enough to spend the rest of your life with him ?” i asked casually ( while praying she will say yes) . she looked at me with shock in her eyes (‘‘ i ve blown it” i said to my self) all of a sudden she started laughing. i asked her why she was laughing but she continued laughing that at a point i joined her in laughing ( maybe at my miserable self). finally she opened up to me.‘‘ marrying you is not a problem, i have come to care and cherish you , but the society is the problem and your children, what will they say? “. i promised her am going to talk to my children about it while she should think about it.

i could not believe the reactions i got from my children, i only called my daughter on phone ( she is married and is staying with her husband at Enugu) she was so happy to hear that i have found love again, before i could spell jack Robinson , my sons called me to give their blessings ( their sister called them to tell them about it ) one problem solved, i kept praying that joyce will come up with positive answer to me.

April 16 2014, i got the most precious birthday gift of my life ( thatcis after the death of my wife) my children organised a birthday party and joyce agreed to marry me. that day i felt like doing a tap dance. i know the society may frown at us because joyce is  27 while i am 50, some people may want to know what lady of 27 is doing with a man of 50 but we don’t really care , love pulled us together and we are going to make the best out of it.

me: when he was telling me this story, his face was flowing and it  seems like love has taken his age back to 40. i felth like sharing his story with you. what do you think ?             



I have listen to most couples talk about their issues in marriage and trying to help them trash out these issues, i found out that some times ( not always) the root course of their problems are minor that actually is not qualified to course a problem if handled properly.

some careless words here and there, lack of interest in the plight of ones partner, misunderstanding of intentions, little or no communication and even things as little as words of encouragement, when not given aproperatly  can course a ripple effect in a relationship. let us take this one after the other.

careless words.
here is my story:  i have been married for several years and things has been just fine. am a busy woman that also children to take care of. i have  some one staying with me that helps out with some of the chores while i go to work but i have a habit of always doing laundries myself. as children multiplies, the family gets bigger and laundry becomes tougher.  now my Mr right does help out some times but not regularly. so i reasoned it out that i seriously need a washing machine in the house.( i would have bought it myself but, maybe i was actually out for some sweet marital issues and i tell you i got it) i told Mr right about it and he kept telling me to wait. i waited for 3 more months and decided to tell him my mind for not fulfilling his word but he was making a joke about the whole thing. i felt like an 8 year old kid. as i pressed on, this is what he told me ‘‘ i will get it for you only when Robinson ( real name withheld) gets one for his wife” ( Robinson is a distant cousin that treats his wife like a piece of dirt,cos he felt his wife is a curse to him, and you know too well that a man like that will never but anything good for his woman except the almighty intervenes)  now that is one careless word that got me mad. even though it was said as a joke, but it wasn’t funny at all, why will he use Robinson as a yardstick for buying a machine for me, well we finally settled whatever it was and he finally bought it as a birthday present (never knew that was his plan all along ) but those words got me angry for some time.

feeling indifferent about the plight of a partner.
when a partner is going through hard times ( maybe in the office, with a friend or even with the children)   some times it is easy to dismiss them when they come to you with words like ‘‘ well that is one of those things” or ‘‘ it is just a minor thing everybody go through, why make a fuse about it” felling indifferent may be easy but most times it sends a message of lack of  care for that one person we claim to love so much. you may not need to do much but listen and let your partner share his/her burden with you. now there are cases you need to take action or come up with solutions please do so with out hesitation.
caution: do not be quick to give solution or take actions without genuinely listening to the problem. don’t give the impression that you want this matter over and done with so you can have your life back. always listen and make sure he/ she knows you are listening. ask questions when necessary ‘‘ how do we tackle this issue together? what can i do to make things better, do you need help handling this, is there anything i can do to make you feel better” these are typical questions that can mean a lot to your partner.

misunderstanding of intentions.
it is also easy to misunderstand a partners intention when it is not going your own way.( just as i misunderstood my Mr Wright’s intention over the washing machine) be it not giving money to relatives,not agreeing to go to that expensive trip to Miami,not getting the groceries from the supermarket, or not buying that car you have always ask him to even though he can afford it. it could be that your partner is not in agreement with what you want and feels he/ has a better option and is waiting for a good time to discourse it with you or he/she is planning a surprise ( may not always be the case) or maybe not financially buoyant enough to pay for the trip in Miami.  which ever one it it, before you decide to release your anger on him/her, reason with him/her. ask to know the intentions behind his/ her actions. if your partner feels reluctant to give reasons, give him/her time to come around ( or probably work out the surprises).

Little or no communication.
intentions are known when partners communicate effectively. a good communication saves you the stress of trying to figure out what the other partner have in mind. no body is born to be a mind reader, when there is no communication, every other aspect of a good relationship go wrong even the bedroom aspect ( how on earth will you tell your partner you want to go down on him/ her with out proper signals) when partner don’t communicate, they misunderstand each other. open up to one another, become friends, talk about everything even business or work .stop romancing your tv and newspapers leaving your partner starving of good communication ( phones and gadgets are now taking place of companionship with our loved ones) nothing can be equated with the time we spend chatting with the one we love.

words of encouragement.
everybody needs to be encouraged, be it the stay home mother that keeps the children and the home, the career mother that joggles school runs, house chores, her work and the bedroom business, CEO husband that deals with client,staff and also come back home to crazy rug rats (kids) that will not allow him drop his suitcase before climbing on top of his head, the employee husband that has a monster as a boss, even the stay home daddy ( we have more of them these days) that cares for the home while mum holds the job and pays the bills. we all need encouragement and our heart  cries out for it every now and then. we tend to feel unappreciated when our partners do not encourage our efforts. so there are tendencies that most of us will rebel in our relationships when we are not getting the attention and encouragement we needed so badly. the saying ‘‘ if i don’t get your thumb up in a good way, at least i can get the thumb down provided you make a sign with your fingers for me” comes in play here.

so here and many more are the little ripples that makes great negative effects in a relationship. can you think of any other thing ? share with us in your comments, we will be happy to learn from you.